Seahare Sprays Enemies with Pink and Purple Ink

Come on… who wouldn’t think this is wicked

Asinus et

Maybe it’s time Easter got itself a new, more felicitous spokesanimal. The sea hare, who already has bunny ear-like rhinophores that we all associate with the holiday, was recently found to emit a festive dark purple ink when threatened.

But there’s more in there than just ink. In an article published last Wednesday in The Journal of Experimental Biology, scientists found that within the ink lay a cocktail of chemicals called the opaline that works to baffle the sensory organs and chemical receptors of the sea hare’s attacker.

Scientists discovered opaline’s capabilities by dabbing its extract onto the antennae of spiny lobsters, who have been known to occasionally hunt the sea hare. They then inundated the lobster’s tank with shrimp-scented water. Researchers found that opaline significantly decreased cellular activity, thus suggesting that opaline renders predators chemically “blind” by stopping up their chemical senses.

Source: Matt Soniak’s “Never Mess with…

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The Power of Protein!

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thank goodness I’m still a teenie


protein plateDid you know that you actually begin to lose muscle mass in your 30’s and 40’s. At age 50, we lose on average one or two percent a year. By age 70, we can lose 20 to 40 percent of our strength! Losing muscle results in a drop of metabolic rate and we burn fewer calories. Now, some muscle loss is inevitable because of the changes in our hormones as we age (as we age, our blood vessels age, thus can’t deliver nutrients to the muscles as well as they used to and in result we do not use protein to build muscle as well as we used to as we age). To be completely honest with you, after hearing/learning this I initially thought “Oh no…” but then remembered what nutrition is all about… And that would be PREVENTION… With proper nutrition we can prevent this unfortunate rapid muscle…

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